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DEMOCIDE Government - Biggest Mass Murderer

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  • DEMOCIDE Government - Biggest Mass Murderer

    Don't you think its funny but most people haven't even heard of the word ''DEMOCIDE'' its one of thoughs things they don't teach you in school... the biggest brainwashing machine on the planet. Brainwashing young minds from an early age.

    Government is the biggest mass murderer killer of humans on the planet after natural death. That's government killing UN ARMED CIVILIANS, ALL OVER THE WORLD

    Whoever likes or supports politics, politicians is brainwashed.

    they don't care about you or anyone all they care about is power and everyone submitting to them.

    democracy and freedom of speech dosnt exist.

    In the western world politicians always say we are democratic and have freedom of speech..... No we don't... just look at the voting system for one... in UK most people last voted for UKIP yet they only got 1 seat.... in USA most people voted for Hilary and yet she didn't win... Get the picture.... VOTING DOSNT MATTER....its just the illusion of freedom and choice. BOTH PARTIES AND CANDIDATES are controlled by the same EVIL people anywhere.

    Freedom of speech dosnt exist either because of political correctness and all that sheeeit and you can go to prison lose your jobs business etc if you say the wrong thing.

    Democracy is like Communism..... both have never truly existed and both are EVIL and satanic. Along with any other form of government.

    I have no idea why everyone just accepts the oppression by government its like lambs walking into they own slaughterhouse.... ill tell ya why... because people are BRAINWASHED by school and by the chemicals that is in they food and water and toothpaste etc in order to make them sick and passive.

    WW3 I coming soon.... and that is purely an excuse TO KILL MORE PEOPLE.