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Trump and Hillary are both EVIL like all the leaders on the PLAIN

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  • Trump and Hillary are both EVIL like all the leaders on the PLAIN

    Don't be fooled.... its nice to see that people are waking up to the government and establishment...

    But trump isn't the ''Saviour''.... he is just a puppet just like Obama or Clinton or like any other leader of the world is.

    the new world order globalists Satanists elites decide who leads countrys.. every now and then they shake it up to make it look ''real''.... its all just a show... Nothing will truly change.. plus they love to cause further division within people THAT WAY it keeps people devided so it takes heat off of them.


    SATANAHHHH is in charge of this world.

    also note ''Globalism''.. Ahah.... the world isn't even a Globe.

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    Vote iKonn in the next presidential election.



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      Normally the media establishment decides who will be elected and what conversations we can have. How did trump slip through. The only people who would vote trump must've learned the dirt on hillary. plus trump appealed to a bunch of yahoos that needed certain triggers.

      Funny that all the major news channels and papers are owned by 6 or so companies. and yet we have to hear everything through them for it to be true. and if this handful of elite blackout a story, anyone citing the story is called crazy, witnesses are liars. If news stories were all about the truth then we would follow the lead. How long does it take to sense the prevalence of 6 news corporations that convene together. They decide the gossip and who looks bad.

      We're all pretty used to perverted groping presidents. just let em make policy somewhere away from people and don't let em around women or children. Standard stuff. Welcome to america.