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Women Leaders and How The Traitorous Government Works

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  • Women Leaders and How The Traitorous Government Works

    When UK had a female leader thatcher.. she destroyed this country and destroyed a lot of peoples way of lifes and got rid of all our industry and sold the country out to china and india... giving india and china all of our jobs..

    And that's the same that's happening in USA now... and Hilary wants to do it further destroying working class peoples lifes and destroying the industry and selling it out to china and india... so they grow and get stronger... and the west gets weaker.

    and putting a lot of people on the dole.

    and yet you still get all the ''progressive''' regressive Idiots brainwashed still voting for her.

    Its obvious whats going on....

    The conservatives and labour or republicans and democrats all work together... and this is how they do it.


    They destroy the national industry and sell the country out.

    afterwards when the natives can barely afford to live and cant get a job... then the government wants to bring down the living standards so wants to give workers lower wages.... so the government wants the greedy rich business owners then only hires immigrants because they basically work for nothing... and they can do because theve only got themselves over here and also send money back home taking money out of the country and making they own country richer in the process.... natives need to earn more because we have familys and households to support. Also WORK should PAY.

    The government and the leaders are all TRAITORS. and they think we are stupid... well most people are because they don't see whats going on or what it is all about..

    BUT I DO... I could go further. THEY IS AN AGENDA GOING ON. and its all basically about bringing back slavery and making the rich get richer and staying at the top.

    Just notice how its always the millionaires and the rich and some higher middle class or university assholes who support the lefties and liberals and they groups etc... because the liberals want mass immigration... because then they can get EVEN RICHER off the backs of basically slave labour.

    Anti-Fascism is the new fascism.
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    You're actually correct ... And it's pronounced Gyna not china...


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      if people just observe whats going on all around them and wake up, you can see it and peace it all together and actually SEE what is going on.