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God Bless Russia in Syria

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  • God Bless Russia in Syria

    I don't support Russia on everything but in Syria they have it right. The rebels are terrorists with many no different then ISIS. The only ones I see doing anything about terrorism is russia.

    Worst thing was getting rid of the middle eastern dictators which kept the people in check and Christians and other minorities and islam lived in peace with one another and dictators crushed the terrorists as well. But now since they gone middle east as fallen to peaces and created a vacuum Christians and.other.minorities are been killed and terrorists are taking over.

    It's about time someone actually puts a stop to them
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    Bashar al-Assad is a great guy


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      if you like guys that kill women and children .


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        actually, the dictators weren't good to christians & minorities.


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          ShayneG blames Eck for war in Syria


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            They where better than what ISIS are now though wernt there ALSO... the dictators fought against the Islamic extremists as well.


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              Originally posted by harryverderchki View Post
              if you like guys that kill women and children .
              what and don't the rebels kill women and children as well ? which the media hardly reports on.

              what happened in Libya ? how did the ''rebels'' there repay the west for the help ?... By smashing up our ww2 soldiers war graves. which insulted me personally because my great granddad fought there.

              these rebels are not rebels they are terrorists and they EVEN WORSE then Assad. Its sort of like better the devil you know.

              Stop believing everything the media tells you.