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Hilarys Callapse was mocking the twin towers

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  • Hilarys Callapse was mocking the twin towers

    People do you think it was a coincidence she ''callapsed'' at the twin tower memorial ?. She did it to mock it and all the people who died and they familys... yet you brainwashed people continue to worship your leaders thinking it makes you patriotic and free.. she also did it to gain the sympathy vote as well.

    your all SLAVES modern day slaves. Going to work everyday like drones paying taxes, been fed propaganda and brainwashing material from first day at school chemicals in our food, chem trails etc fake wars, fake terrorism false flag attacks.. slavery which as been going on since Egyptian times with the same traitors to humanity running the show from behind the cameras pulling the strings.

    9/11 was planned decades before it happened probably hundreds of years thousands of years before it happened... just look back to all the old films, back to the future and more which have loads of 9/11 references DECADES before it even happened.

    it dosnt matter who you vote for... democracy dosnt exist and neither does freedom of speech.

    and Hilary and trump... like the singers, actors etc are just all puppets anyway who have been told to do and say what they do and have sold they souls to satan for money and fame.

    This is why I don't vote... because it dosnt mean anything. Its just the illusion of freedom when it dosnt exist.

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    You need to get off YouTube you tin hat wearing, fucking idiot.


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      I am learning and discovering the truth... you keep eating the blue pill and remain in ignorance but one day it will be too late for you... I AM GETTING PREPARED FOR THE END !!!. My soul is prepared HOW is yours ?.


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        i'm still awaiting the dragons....they will come
        It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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          Dragons exist as much as dinosaurs doo... they don't exist.


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            I hear the elf in the tree makes some good cookies but I dnt know where that tree is mrworker????