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    Originally posted by Sox33 View Post
    Look we've all herd the story's bout his wife at the x-mas party's... After a few drinks, as long as you're willing to pay for the hotel room she's DTF cuZ...
    I didn't even need that she was on it since day one


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      Originally posted by Knoxie View Post

      I dont want to blow my own trumpet but this gif could possibly be the only thing you ever need to respond to any insult on this game, ever.

      It works on so many levels. iD, feel free to usr it, anyone going the personal life surely falls under the root vegetable banner.

      *Shout out to St_Mickey for the punchline.

      whats your name again oh yeah nameless and that's right im on full potato mood hahaha go back an suckle on doms dick bitch


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        Originally posted by Coutinho View Post
        It's a fucking game ,bringing personal stuff into the forums is just wrong. Stick to bashing the person playing the game not people who are not here to defend themselves
        wow great advice I think ill just do that