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Pokemon GO was actually made for pedophiles.

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  • Pokemon GO was actually made for pedophiles.

    We all know about the game Pokemon GO. I feel like I am a bit out-dated by writing something about it now. But man, people still actually play this game. At least where I live.
    But as you guys can see on my title, Pokemon GO is actually made for pedophiles.
    And now you guys are like; Whaaaaat? But yeah, it is true facts. This is something that Niantic does not want you guys to know.

    As a grown up man, I don't have to be worried that much about pedophiles. Thank God.
    But, I see a lot of children still playing this game. Like today I was in the park, and I saw 5 kids playing Pokemon GO at a gym. And since I was with my friends, and yes I still hang out with my buds. I have a social life outside when they call me. I was thinking about, what if we just came over to them and fucking kidnapped them? We can knock them out and run away with them. After all, nobody was there but us. These kids were actually Somalis, so they wouldn't be targeted. They run fast like Usain Bolt.

    But like normal Norwegian kids, you could kidnap them and get money for him. Now I know I sound like some kind of criminal. But I'm not. I am just coming up with common sense and things that can happen. People can come with their cars to a PokeStop and just steal yo child. And there is nothing you can do about that.

    Luckily this is Norway. Nobody does that here. You can let your child walk at 4AM on the streets and yet nothing will happen to him. But now I'm talking about the United States and UK and other big places. I have also seen a social experiment where they would pick up a child while playing Pokemon, and they would say '' There is a fucking rare Pokemon in the Park, come on hop in and let's catch it! ''. What do you think happens next? Yepp, these lil kids jumps in the car and they get BUSTED.

    What do you think about this? Do you think that Pokemon GO is made for pedophiles to track children?
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    Slightly worrying that you are sitting in the park, see a bunch of kids, and your first thought is "I wonder if I could kidnap them".

    Stayout of parks and talk to someone about your urges.


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      i like chinese kids they can do math well and help with my taxes.


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        Originally posted by Eli_462 View Post
        i like chinese kids they can do math well and help with my taxes.
        Always said the same thing to the jews too. Set a trap house for them!