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Trump or Clinton? None of them if you ask me.

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  • Trump or Clinton? None of them if you ask me.

    I have been waiting for a long time to talk about Donald Trump. I have seen a poll on the forum about people voting who will become the next president of the United States of America. Is it Hillary Clinton, or is it the man himself, Donald Trump?

    I was not surprised to see the results. Obviously many people would see Donald Trump as a big joke, so they would just vote him because it is funny. And yes, it is funny. But should we ignore the fact that this guy is actually dominating the elections? Undoubtedly this guy is winning on the Republican side.

    Ask your friend this question; What do you know about Donald Trump? And what do you know about Hillary Clinton?
    You shouldn't be surprised if your friend knows a lot more about Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. Everyone knows that this guy wants to build a big wall on the border between the United States of America and Mexico. Everyone knows that this guy is nothing but a big joke. But when he becomes the next president of the United States, who will be laughing at all the jokes?

    Now there are a lot of stuff going on about people discussing; What would happen if this guy becomes the next president of the United States? This guy claims he will be tougher on ISIS than anyone else. But seriously, this guy was talking about leaving them to the Russians. I'd give him a medal for that. This guy is no better than Clinton with changing his opinion. Just watch this video and see what I mean:

    But what about Hillary Clinton? There is just something that bothers me about her. She is a big liar. She changes her opinion like 24/7. I remember after the Bosnian war when she came to Sarajevo, and she stated that she was under fire but you could clearly see video proof of her landing safely. She greeted everyone there and everything went to plan. She changes opinion on gay people and stuff like that just to get votes from them.

    So, from my point of view.. Murica is fucked. And even for myself when I live in Norway (Actually from the Balkan), I care about what will happen. Because the first thing that will happen if there comes into a WW3, the Russians will invade Norway easily and I'd get screwed.

    So I'm more into like keeping Obama as a President rather than having one of them as President.

    What do you think about both of these candidates?
    Mr. Modric

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    You really went easy on Hillary there... No mention of her classified emails or her exposed foundation's pay for play?

    There is no reason to deny Russia from helping to destroy ISIS. The best outcome is to actually cooperate in destroying ISIS with Russia, especially given their current coordination with Turkey and Syria. I see no reason to antagonize these countries. We need to finally admit what a mistake we made in the Middle East, and accept that regime change--a policy that worked in Latin America (except for Cuba)--will not work in the Middle East.

    Obama was a complete failure, not only domestically, but with his foreign policy in the Middle East. In terms of foreign policy blunders, it really doesn't get any worse than the timeline of the Middle East under the Obama administration: Disbanding the Iraqi army and then pulling out of Iraq entirely. Forcing regime change upon Libya and failing. Arming "moderate" rebels (many of whom joined the ranks of ISIS) in Syria in an attempt to overthrow Assad. Now for the past two years, with the Islamic caliphate expanding into areas of Iraq, Libya, Syria, we are finally seeing the consequences of the stupidity that is Obama and Hillary Clinton's foreign policy.
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      Trump 2016


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        lesser of the two evils is Hillary sadly too say obviously but they are our choices this year even if no one votes it jus goes to the senate am congress an they vote between the two so either way were screwed