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a exchange in covid victims

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  • a exchange in covid victims

    It's very clear that covid 19 pandemic is a burning current affair especially in united states and Europe.
    prevention to be taken
    1-social distancing of 1 meter at least as virus in air around patient is 13 feet around .
    2-use of face masks like N93 ,N95 as they are triple layered
    3- use of soaps with tds 70% or sanitizers with surgical alcohol of 60% content
    4-patients suffering from non communicable diseases should get medicines by telemedicine for atleast 1 month or during period of lockdown
    5-usage of drugs like hydroxychloroquine ,camostat,ivermectin can be done by doctors suggestion .though trials are going on use them on safe measures
    6- most important is do have some time with family and play games THE MAFIA BOSS Especially ,do exercises, workouts , get the special innate hidden talents of of you .