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Technology is evil

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  • Technology is evil

    Technology is evil ive said it before ill say it again ive done very detailed threads on why it is. It will be the end of humanity... it creates immoral, evil people and destroys emotions and makes people lonely... it will destroy humanity..... Just wait you will all know I am right

    it must be destroyed.

    think about it more people today kill themselves.. then 100 years ago or beyond when they was nothing but farms and hunter gatherer societys.... because everyone had ROLES and a part to play and life was simpler and more enjoying.

    these days.... peoples lifes are meaningless because of politics, the internet and all gender roles and traditions and values been destroyed BY THE ILLUMINATI controlled governments and media and all the rest of it. Plus its extremely weird why all of a sudden everyone is turning gay and lesbian and why some people fuck themselves up with plastic surgery or become trannys.

    yet some people still close they eyes and bury they head further in the sand thinking everything is ok and they isn't an agenda behind it all.

    THE DEVIL is the one behind it all don't give in
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    LONG LIVE THE DEVIL. Future is in Technology.


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      That future is your death


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        Without technology what would your mother do without her muslim penis-shaped vibrator?


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          They only good thing about getting rid of all technology, would be never reading one of your posts again.