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Evil science, Chips and Schools Illuminati

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  • Evil science, Chips and Schools Illuminati

    its now illegal to not have a chip in your dog. you need to get dogs chipped.

    This is only the first stage a testing run if you like.... its only a matter time reeet before humans have to have tracking chips put in them and also money will end up been electronic within the chip so nobody will actually ever really own anything again implanted in the arm and youll have to scan it across.

    as an example Its like computers and DVDS in a way because eventually discs will stop being made and then it will be all digital so you wont own any actually disc so you wont truly own it and also consoles and dvd players will no longer exist so that mean youll have a little box and have to pay subscriptions soo basically YOU NEVER OWN IT. But just keep chucking your money away every month.

    Most people are brainwashed and believe that science is the future, don't you realise that science is basically just magic and wizards and witches that many worship the devil especially the government backed ones including all the rich and government, celebritites etc for fame and fortune. Playing God with creation. All the ''medicines'' they have don't really help you they all contain toxic ingredients infact they WEAKEN THE HUMAN BODY, theys natural good god given remedies and cures for things which they don't use for some weird reason. Instead they mass produce crap.. PURLY because its all about MONEY and if people started using natural cures the pharmaceutical companys would callapse.

    Eventually scientists will create a drug which will kill all human kind.... look at these designiner babys now where you can basically design your baby which sex, eye colour etc to give it in order to create the perfect baby... IT IS IMMORAL. Just pure evil.

    It wouldn't surprise me as well if scientists in underground facilities where really trying to create super mutants.. all the kidnappings that happen every year people going missing and nobody knows whats happened to them.... just proves it the ILLUMINATI AND GOVERNMENT ARE STEALING PEOPLE AND TURNING THEM INTO MONSTERS.

    or by creating Skynet or like the matrix by making robots with higher intelligence to humans which would eventually turn and kill all humanity and they makers.

    They should be EXECUTED for crimes against humanity.

    Also schools are places of brainwashing and indoctrination into the new world order, they disgusting filthy places where kids learn a lot of bad habits and come home with diseases and shit and teaches them to be degenerates

    when I was at school I was the only NORMAL ONE and I saw through it all. I

    BUT you have to send kids they because its against the ''law'' not to.

    just proves it.. WHY SHOULD IT BE AGAINST THE LAW ?... WHo the fuck do the police and government think they are telling me what I can and cant do with my own family or life ?. If I don't wanna send me kids to school I arnt gonna fucking send em Nahh mean.

    so you see you needa open your eyes to it all.

    ( I don't have kids or family or dogs or owt but if I did.. )

    its no different from egyptain times really... EVERYONE IS A SLAVE, but you can break free by knowing the truth and the truth sets you free as written in the bible and knowing God.

    I can see all the illuminati and devil signs EVERYWHERE.
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    Are you a bit paranoid??? LOL


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      can you blame me ?.


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        Stop acting reet GAY