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  • Chinese Mexican Beer Flu

    Some may hate me, some may like me, but lets face it you all love me, even if you dont know it yet.
    A lot has been said, about the Corona virus that is sweeping the world, in all manner of forums, in the land of truth we call the interwebs.
    I would just like to say a few truths in the interest of my fellow TMBers whom I have had the pleasure, or displeasure, of interacting with over more years than I would like. Lets face it its fucking sad for a fifty something man to be playing such a childish game, i mean fuck, grow up Knox, its getting embarrassing. I digress.

    I work in the Aged care sector so this shit is very real for me. I sure as shit dont want it to get into the home I work at. The simple fact is, in a 40 bed home we will lose 50% guaranteed, if we are fucking lucky. All someones parents or grand parent.
    (that is why I feel better when I abuse cunts like Eli)

    To the conspiracy theorist, god I love you guys, your entertainment value exceeds any dollar figure i could put on your input. Great stuff, keep fighting the good fight.
    To you guys, seriously, keep digging for answers, but please dont dismiss this thing. It matters not where it came from, it is here, in every country in the world.
    The fact is, it is a virus that spreads hand to mouth, that means if you touch anything then your face, pick your nose, wipe your eyes, suck your thumb, what ever, you got it and then you pass it on to your friends or family. Then they pass it on, and on and on and on... Now maybe you and your healthy friends will get the snots and a bit of a head ache, no big deal, not your problem, who gives a shit, its just a flu.
    Until such time as someone who is not quit as healthy or strong as you gets it, they fucking die. We see that on the news every day, but they are just numbers, until its your friend, or mother, or father, grand parents...

    Then we get different governments around the world taking different measures, some better than others. Us average Joe type folks can not control what these fuckers do, we just deal with our own situation.

    Now, in time there will be a vaccine for this thing in time (cue the conspiracy crew). It matters not if everyone takes the vaccine as long as it is available to the people that need the protection. Once that happens we can all get back to getting on with our lives.

    Long winded intro, but what I came to say is this...
    No matter who you are or where you live, you have the power to protect yourself and your family with simple steps.

    Stay the fuck at home if you can.
    Wash your fucking hands.
    Dont be the cunt that kills someones grand parents

    There are a few more helpful tips on the Nameless Family media.

    Stay safe, fuckers.
    TheButchersUnion LLKK LLUCC
    Skidmark_United GWLC FYUU
    NaMeLeSs 4THE29

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    I am always watching.
    Be kind to each other.