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Consoles need to go back to been CONSOLES.

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  • Consoles need to go back to been CONSOLES.

    Which is better ?

    Ps3 or Ps4 ?

    I think the PS3 is because I haven't had one problem with it since the day I got it from day 1.... ps4 on the otherhand is full of error codes its proppa shit and I cant even play one game without getting it. Xbox 360 was crap as well and filled with media players and stuff... and broke down 3 times im never getting an xbox one.

    I blame it on the makers trying to turn consoles into PCS. fuck PCS

    consoles are supposed to be easy and simple AND THATS HOW it should remain... I couldn't care less about online, media, Netflix ETC... I JUST WANNA play games DISC games so that I OWN them. Simply put it in, Sit back relax and play like the PS2, AND 1 AND NINTENDO 64 AND OLD GREAT CONSOLES...... these newer ones ARE SHIT.

    EXAMPLE.... THE PS ONE WAS SO GREAT AND STRONG I SPLIT my cup and tea all over it AND IT STILL WORKED.... if you even slightly knock the ps4 or xbox it breaks... they weak and flimsy AND FRAGILE as SHIT

    if I wanted to do that crap id go on laptop nahh mean.

    I hope one day it goes back to how it was... its annoying that people fix things which arnt broke. I also couldn't care that much about graphics.
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      The amusing thing is that the post is riddled with spelling mistakes and yet he has edited it.
      I think Worker has no arms and has been typing with his big clumsy deformed feet.


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