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Rich African dictators and forieghn aid

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  • Rich African dictators and forieghn aid

    Sorry ahh Ment dick heads AHHH..... The rich and governments have they own people starving to death.. whilst they build massive swimming pools and mansions with THE MONEY SENT FROM OTHER COUNTRYS AS AID MENT FOR THE POOR PEOPLE THERE.

    Meanwhile also making sure they kill all the remaining farmers.

    so... they starve to death further.

    I also don't understand why our money gos to countrys like india YET they can afford nuclear bombs but not feed they own people ?.

    Time to wake up to it all.

    I arnt giving one pound to these countrys ever... its just one big legal SCAM. So don't do it.
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    And whatever you do, don't give them English lessons.


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      look at storm ahh mean like hes clearly starving to death ahh