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    I listen to real Hip Hop and Eric B. & Rakim said it best so I chose to format my style as such and think outside the box and as I do me I’ve noticed in my wake some similarities.. I won’t point out any but I’m sure those that love to hate will have some dumb shit to say and I welcome them candy asses to speak their minds.. good game to all and I’ll see you In The Feild..

    Wolfgang cupcake ass been ducking me with his quick appearance then hiding ass like a hobbit at war time where he at hmmm???

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    A Friend from the CIA once told me MCs Act Like They Don't Know, but after they Step Into A World and hear the Sound of da Police they decide they wanna be Outta Here.
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    I am always watching.
    Be kind to each other.


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      need some examples other than quoting some old school hip hop cats. i do like the reference to old school rap though, the new shit sucks for the most part.


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        Standing in the hall of fame And the world's gonna know your name 'Cause you burn with the britest flame And the world's gonna know your name And you'll be on the wall of the hall of fame