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  • What is the most popular......

    what is the most popular restaurant where you live and what do they serve? could be a hole-in-the-wall (like storms house) or a national chain like McDonalds (which is shit) ....

    anyways... whats the best where your from, where is that exactly, and what makes it great ??

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    i am from the midwest of the usa... and around us the most popular type of restaurants are BBQ restaurants ..... pulled pork, brisket, ribs, coleslaw and beans... cant go wrong with any of the above


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      ..... doesn't work that well with titles. noobs.

      from the midwest myself but really the north midwest but would a steak house with seafood places or mexican restaurants are really popular and seen lots of new ones coming into the great NORTH.

      people like the free chips and dips and margaritas make any meal better plus the food is usually on the less expensive side and is tasty and quick.


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        This is hard.
        I live in a pretty small southern USA community. I moved here from a Washington, DC. Culture shock, for sure.
        There are two real restaurants. They are always busy. Both equally popular. The others are your typical fast food chains. We just got an Arby's and it was a big hit. You'd think people never had roast beef (real or otherwise) before.
        In the larger local city, there are more eateries than you can imagine. The larger city is home to a state University (SEC). We don't really have one popular place to go but overall opinion, at least in my circle, are the more up-scale places to go. Places with nice bars seem to be very well received.
        I prefer the nicer places that serve a wide array of seafood.
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          The most popular where I live is EGON, the serve basically the same as TGI.


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            Where I come from there is an eatery that goes by the name of greggs.....apparently they do a mean vegan sausage roll


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              Vegan sausage roll.
              I just threw up a little.
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                they sell burgers an chips an mcflurries an drinks an healthy salads an curly fries an meal deals an fish burgers an even kids meals