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  • Kobe Question

    Do you believe that the league should possible change the nba logo to kobe? do you believe the league should retire 24 from every team?

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    Jersey retirement - No (optional for every team though like Dallas said they would)
    Logo - No.

    While Jerry said he did not want to be the logo anymore, i think changing it would be disrespectful to what Jerry West did for the game (tbh i have no idea what he contributed). Yes kobe was one of the greatest of all time, but what happens when the next generational great retires? Would they rename the championship trophy after Lesuck?


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      No they should just retire his number from the Lakers I think taking 24 out of every team is a bit much anit like he walked on water or stopped infantal death...if he pulled that off then ya but still give the man props by not letting another player use his number if they play for the Lakers


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        24 yes for the lakers but not 8. 24 was a great dude, awesome player, respectful, charitable, and by all accounts didn't rape women. 8 though no he just took what he wanted, didn't pass the game, overrated, possibly rape women, booted shaq out, bad guy.

        recap 24 yes but 8 bad.