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Saddest moment of your life ?

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  • Saddest moment of your life ?

    Hi everyone

    My name is Tizzino and I have a story to share , now this might bring a tear .
    I know a guy who has been so intrigued by mafia games and anything that exploits leadership and role playing
    Someone who devoted his teen age years to the games who also was there for everyone and committed himself to be one of the friendliest and most hated all in one respectful manner .
    He grew up wanting to be something and he wanted to be king of this one particular city on this game we call home THEMAFIABOSS.

    He over his years went through and adapted to a life of terrifying and hard life with and with out anyone at his side either self inflicted out casting from his family from early age to the due nature of wrong crowds influenced him to the wrong way of maternal life and gave him an addictive drug leading him astray.

    For years he struggled with family and relationships and lost them all within saying that he lost himself and everyone with everything around

    Can you imagine he is homeless and his siblings live up in life
    Can you work out who I am talking about ?
    Does everyone forget our friend ?
    Second chance belongz to us all

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    i just keep hoping i get the answer .....

    So intriguing


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      Meanwhile he has become in this predicament , he continues to better his life from down fall .
      our friend struggles but overcomes every bit of strife that leads himself further away and doing just is because he hides away from everything and everyone.
      for months he was homeless and in remission from his and others false promises to seek help so he revolted .

      Today determined enough with no help no medication no family or friend support no charity help he loved a life with lost photo identification no bank account no friends no family nothing he hardly existed for months to few years .

      He once said if this is what many love through everyday and this is how it feel maybe we should appreciate our lives and respect our homeless community because we don't know till we lost it ...

      Our friend your friend is here

      "One and Only "



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        Sounds like my situation..


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          yes anyone could be in this situation and I hope your god no one goes through this but there is people out there who does go through this every day and not because of the reasons our friend has gone through people who are homeless need to be respected need be helped and maybe not even helped but just sat down and have a conversation if they need some people are embarrassed some people aint

          Our friend has gone through different been he has had a drug habit he has lost family yeah he has lost friends he has lost a home is identity and he has gone through so much and he feels like he does not exist until now he has gone through so much changes they realise who who he is what things stand for what he stands for and now he understands what family values is all about....if you really want to know who does person is please comment below if you really want to know who does person is is really he's been a part of tmb for very very long time


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            Im sorry anyone goes thru all that .. and hope with all heart he finds his peace, and can move onward and upward in life.
            i dont want to know who he is, i think hes had enough without publically being named.. especially on a game forum.
            Good luck to whoever it is.