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    Aww man shit got real. Jacklyn is back Fri the big house looks of koolaid makeup and all nameless better run


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      solicit^ .sorry

      Originally posted by iD View Post
      that's a rather sad commentary on the last ten years of your life bro

      you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means.

      hulk smash


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        Lol knoxie


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          Originally posted by Knoxie View Post
          Yes, the dude abides, it will be a shame when its all over.
          After IC come crawling on there hands and knee's to beg for a truce,
          and Domenico,
          ego fully intact,
          being a compassionate leader,
          is compelled to accept their groveling pathetic apology.
          A sad day indeed.
          And yet one of the great days that will be remembered.
          Fathers will tell their sons and mothers their daughters, of these days of glory,
          when nameless men and women fought for pride in their family,
          where not medals but respect was sort,
          how vast army's laid down in fear, trembling behind their printed medals,
          frozen in fear in the face of these nameless men and women.
          The people will know that a family, a family with no name,
          had taken on one of the great super powers of the game,
          and not one fuck was given.

          The people will know,
          that the game has changed, forever.

          For the good of the game,
          For the fun of the game,
          For the fucking 29.
          haha well done. Nameless wins,call the fight.


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            Knoxie your speech made my ovaries do the wiggle.