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  • The Irishman

    New on Netflix.
    Who has seen it?

    NO SPOILERS please.

    I thought it was worth the 3 1/2 hours.
    Would definitely watch again.
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    It's worth the time even if you don't know

    Reason being is they somehow make the stars look younger again.


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      I've a friend who has watched it and did complain it was way too long and not a touch on goodfellas , it's also done in chapters and Ive heard people turn it into a series by watching just one at a time


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        not very good. i rate it a D. if they cut out like a hour and just had younger actors play the younger versions of themselves it probably could have been a C or Cplus. But if Goodfellas is a A which it is, this is a D

        way too long it's 3hrs 30 min long. the first hour and 30 was pretty brutal to watch boring the last couple of hours it does get better.

        the de-aging tech they used for de niro, pesci, pacino didn't really work for me. i mean it was good if they didn't move but once they moved it looked like a 70 year old man acting tough why because it was. Should have just had younger actors play the younger versions of them especially de niro because he has some action scenes.

        another thing the story wasn't that great it was all stuff you pretty much knew with hoffa and the stuff you didn't know his family they really didn't get into it. I'm sure the book was better.

        i've seen this movie before just better in Goodfellas, Casino , Hoffa.

        i will say joe pesci killed it as russell bufalino, the quiet don. he was really good.


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          it pains me to say it, but since i just smoked him in fantasy football playoffs this week, i agree with eli 100%. that scene where de niro beats up the guy outside the grocery store, looked like 42 yr old tom brady running for a first down yesterday.


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            Want to see it but have to wait til it comes to Hulu ROFL