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Spy games and war tactics

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  • Spy games and war tactics

    It’s come to my attention as Trap House and Valhalla are at war and as trap gives them the business (no dis)
    some from Valhalla has join randomly other places and tried to fan a rivalry to have others join the war and hit Trap House..
    monogamy ShayneG has indulged and I personally know UC and Valhalla aren’t or weren’t in cahoots but seems they are now..

    I had Elmo when questioned about the matter at hand tell me Loco shouldn’t support trap so he set that Lie about.. dangerous move as no one can tell me shit to do I will always do the opposite.. so Instead of Loco hitting Trap who will confirm We all were only naps as well as Loco and Valhalla, Loco has dropped the Valhalla nap do to this plus other attempts by Valhalla members.. just when we were enjoying the peace you go and try this?? Well it isn’t all of Valhalla I am aware but if I let this go unchecked we look weak and weak I will never be..

    interesting enough I hear one of my members has been siding with Valhalla when we were actually neutral.. another no no.. LA families WC and IC have never violated our agreements and should not be thrusted into something they aren’t apart of..

    as for UC allowing or not Allowing Shayne to be a ButtHead and not holding him accountable has lead us to drop that nap..

    seems this game is about to be turned the fuck up again..
    I love the action and know Uc can battle.. just a shame it was all caused by Valhalla looking for help in a war others weren’t apart of..

    what are your thoughts on this?? I am sure I will get some dumbass to talk reckless but that’s alright cause I’m well prepared to talk that shit too

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    SQUAD UP !!!!!!!!!!!


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        A war?
        Lemme blow the dust off this old mouse.
        I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.

        Gen. Mattis


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          Thanks skeemin


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            Trap been destroying Valhalla/Ronin/Warhounds or whatever they call themselves now for two rounds all because Klown wanted to act bigger than he is. Ask NateDogg what happens. I really feel bad for him as he lost over 6mil Ops because his 25 family members can't protect him. I've played this game off and on since Beta and I've never seen a family leave a family member out to dry like that. It is a shame, TrapHouse came back to have some fun and just compete for tiers and family ranks. Don't wake the beast within! We never wanted war, but we damn sure don't run from it! Elmo and the rest of the weak ones hiding and changing names, that tactic never works! Ask IC what happened when they tried that against WDFWY!


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              On and off since beta lol get off the spoof train son


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                he's got his 15 year badge chris


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                  Blucky who even the fuck are you?


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                    Originally posted by chrisl1 View Post
                    On and off since beta lol get off the spoof train son

                    beta, where? Bastard stole my chaps


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                      This is a mafia game .

                      What mobsters do you kno that have naps with eAchother

                      maybe gay ones like hype and tpk jerking eachother off while kimbo and loota watch gay porn


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                        "Spies" are every where in this game, hell, I wouldn't be surprised if 95% are just multis and the rest are peeps solely giving intel in hopes of being "accepted" into higher ranking families.


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                          Let's settle this here and now
                          I'm sure skeemin will confirm ...

                          ​​​skeemin never actually spoke to elmo regarding this...he has been had or for some reason
                          Mixed up....true story. .I'm sure he will let yous know and an apology will be issued forthwith......

                          in fact trap house asked vallahala for a nap then broke it by hitting level one player 2 round consecutive ..bimbo will confirm this...if he can remove his mouth from others anus.

                          nate wasn't left out too dry...7 days is a long time to keep anyone maxed every hour for the rest of the round

                          haha and a name change ain't hiding .
                          You see just after the security warning from storm about changing log [email protected]@I got a pm from a trap house member telling me "His Lil friend has got my details"now I toOK this as my private info had been breached"nice work trap house. .. ??
                          the pm was sent to storm as well! !
                          .and lastly...we have never asked for outside help...unlike trap house..
                          bring it on )
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                            I need some popcorn because this has become as interesting to read as the Blog I hope everyone checked out


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                              Ok let me correct myself.. Elmo reached out once this thread went up and so have Pauleye..

                              lit is a fact I was duped by a pig loving frog and I apologize to Elmo for this as he isn’t who tried to pretend to be him..

                              see the power of forums can be a tool as well to get to the bottom of bullshit.. smell it for yourself..

                              so I was wrong and would have broken my own word.. I don’t break my word so whoever don’t like that well tough shit..

                              I however asked members of warhounds (Valhalla) and Trap House about ending that war.. it isn’t my war nor business but Trap and Loco are and always have been cool.. members in Valhalla and I have gotten past our differences and can speak and be cool.. trust me if you know our history that is a whole lot..

                              I am still here for the action but I am no fool Nor bully.. I protect my people and go all the way no matter the challenge.. I am also stand up so if I am wrong I will with no problem admit it and calling Elmo out feeling he betrayed our nap agreement was on me and for that I apologize..

                              Phoenix however will have a good ride.. I tried being reasonable with them but they want action.. can’t blame them peace is boring..

                              shayne still a dung beetles shit pile but I ain’t mad atcha