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a perfect shit

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  • a perfect shit

    i emptied my bowels earlier

    it was most agreeable

    it was one of those shits where everything was just how it should be

    first of all i had no time to ponder, my sphincter twitched and i knew i had seconds to get my arse warming the toilet seat up

    as i sat down the brown anaconda slithered its way waterwards and entered almost silently

    now heres the thing, it hit me all at once, it hadnt hurt regardless of the quantity of which i was sure was bordering on full capacity but it stank like youd fingered a dogs arse then stuck your fingers up your nose

    just to confirm my suspicions i investigate my deposit and lo and behold indeed i had delivered a package of maximum proportions, a good 20 percent was sticking out of the water still

    excellent work there i decided, all thats left to do now is the paperwork

    now i dont know about you but theres times when i take a shit that i end up with a marmite arsehole, no matter how long you scoop away at it the result is still a brown streak on tissue everytime

    so you see i had my fears that due to the lack of discomfort whilst fecal matter was being evacuated from my rectum combined with an aroma that could drop a gorilla at 100 paces i assumed that id be plugging away for a good while

    one wipe and no residual tanning of the tissue, i coulda licked it it was that un tarnished

    it was almost religious, the holy trinity of defecating, size smell and cleanliness

    im grateful for you letting me share my shit with you

    fuck you very much



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    AHHH bet you don't even needa push.
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      I feel strange after reading that.
      A mixed emotion of awkwardness and sickness, topped off with an erection.

      Very strange.


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        I bet the pants felt bigger afterwards


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          thanks for sharing. I had one of those this week as well. Mine had steam coming off it as it lay there. It also bridged the toilet bowl trying to survive and not go into the sewer . It was half a can a fabreeze before leaving the room.


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            Don't you just love those shits that won't flush?

            Floaters are great for deterring others from using your throne!


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              and let me guess while taking the 'perfect dump' and having the sexual feeling of ur anus being aroused you also had the phone in ur hand and you were logged on tmb and texting chopperjo and tammygunz at that exact moment??!! : - love ur work Lugz


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                Did you send brad a picture?