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Whats your Mood?? Pick one!!

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    My mood is #6

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  • skeemin
    My mood is a secret..

    just like the paparazzi you are always trying to picture something..
    well I have news for you, I closed all the curtains and blinds so you can’t see what I’m cooking.. in fact my pal the Rock has just returned and I know you smell it.. yea that’s right I know how to swim down stream in a kayak wearing khakis and hiking boots while eating a wish sandwich and finding a dogs way home..

    big kitten will protect against the wolves but not animal control he was fired..

    wait what were we talking about again?? Lol

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  • Blackout420
    started a topic Whats your Mood?? Pick one!!

    Whats your Mood?? Pick one!!

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