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    I dont giv e a f*ck about this Sh*t but always as mr. insider old school vet TMB geopolitics spealized (no name requiered cuz not a give afucker ) . Changes ongoing bringing on some disturbances on those appointend on keeping the powers balancez ... OK i know all yu all newcomer pieces of noob fun player know shit about these stuff but please whatever fam you may be get informed or at least get self-knowledgable about the " how the game works" . reminder * you aint shit or just a tool on someone elses hand unles u know whats going on or what the conclusion of some taken actions would be . so please all you new comer get inforemd require from your bosses to lear you th game skeeem dont stay igonrat or you willl miss the most fascinating part of this superb gamebasedweb.-----------------

    Ive been grounding mt whole life ............

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