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    from**Simy19 seconds ago.Reply|Quote|Block|DeleteSimy has invited you to join Family*Diamond_Legionclick here to accept
    from**dubhan8 hours, 19 minutes, and 33 seconds ago.Reply|Quote|Block|Deletedubhan has invited you to join Family*CEALLACHclick here to accept invitation
    from**Toma11 hours, 34 minutes, and 39 seconds ago.Reply|Quote|Block|DeleteToma has invited you to join Family*Warriorsclick here to accept invitation
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    from**LVL13 hours, 20 minutes, and 4 seconds ago.Reply|Quote|Block|DeleteLVL has invited you to join Family*No_Mercyclick here to accept invitation*

    HMMMMMM who to join..... ermmm none of the above!!

  • #2
    Ask Gallio for invite . He needs helpers to get his medals easier


    • #3
      Why the fuck is it so hard to get back into the union i was in last round... ffs


      • #4
        If they only knew what a fool you are,they would never invited you


        • #5
          There's always room over this a way. Fuck wit me.


          • #6
            Looks like you're holding out for an invite from Pirated Souls.

            Message "Captain_Clutch" in-game and we'll get your squared away.


            • #7
              Hahaaa well apparently it looks as tho i should never have come back... been back since day 5 last round and seems as tho people on this are still as dickish lmao... no wonder if ever new people come to join people like ziki drive them away with there uncalled for comments... #suckadick