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Money should be Abolished

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  • Money should be Abolished

    Money is the root of all evil, its the thing which keeps evil people in power gangs, politicians, rich and the elites which divide and try to control humanity.

    money is just a man made peace of paper IT DOSNT EXIST,

    if people stopped using money now, the economy would callapse and the government and elites wouldn't have any control over us anymore as simple as that. The propaganda in the news etc would stop.

    everyone could finally live in peace.

    they would be no need for crime for everyone would work together and have the same.

    Hunter gatherers cave men had a very good life they only killed what they needed to eat and for warmth everyone played an equal role and life was happy and less stressful.

    money, technology, material things, cult of celebrity the modern day is a cancer of humanity that is destroying us and the world and is enslaving us.
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