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One more for the grape vine - lyric post

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  • One more for the grape vine - lyric post

    everytime I spit I cause havic
    money is what I got you wish youd had it the kingdom in arm reach I can grab it
    sitting on top is me its what I got situated with a loaded glock
    being future king is my destiny I make create my own fatality re write history
    nothin can out do me stop me G bow down pay me my royalties its all sweet like honey
    none of that burnt molasses type in my life king of this shit on how I write its what Im like I change the game tonight with out a fight
    the K-i-n-g to the motha fuckin i-e
    that is what they call me
    lyrical mastermind three times in a line that's mine
    I worth notes you ain't worth dimes
    so high I shine in the sky like diamends on chromes from a mercendez benz
    coming round the bend shooting a ak47 !
    come up slow made my life grow as I go/ dreaming bout my own rap show took my time to write lines post online
    some say its immature/ but its in my nature /its my life its wat i was made to be like/ TO WRITE!

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    They call him Kingie, for what reason I don't know.
    He can't spell or make literate sentences, that's for sho'.

    It's funny, he says that's what he was made to do,
    when I read his shit it sounds like Worker ripping some Jew.

    Yeah that's a diss on Worker, the fucker who hasn't worked a day in his life.
    Not a single day in his life.

    Sits back on infowars and jacks off to Alex Jones,
    You ever heard the saying "sticks and motherfuckin stones?"

    I came on here to diss Kingie, cause what kind of King adds "I-E's"?
    I guess it's the kind who spend a lot of time on their knees.

    Get the fuck off my board I said,
    Or better yet, come up with an original thread.

    One where you aint rapping about money, bitches, & inanimate objects,
    Cause when you do that shit it seems you have an inferiority complex

    Punctuation would be nice,
    Fuck, just look your shit over once or twice.

    Got a long way to go son,
    Right now they calling you the short one.

    Let me know when you raise your IQ,
    or maybe when you at least get a clue?

    Either way, I'm sick of seeing shit,
    Raise the standards or get fucking split.


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      Ima counting pieces ain't nothing to be fucking with
      came and re shape the game man made rep while I jump up the steps to success
      what you expect you ain't making half we in-take so high we bank
      Built like a Rock fast like a rocket flyin Ima tank and I ain't stopping
      Full throttle full monty the club can't handle the shit I am Doing

      the one and only the one man army this shit got me laughing so many fake ass mofo's came and go with nothing to show
      NickyyD possibly some fat sack of shit from mickyDs eating double patty with cheese bitch please you stuck on your knees kissing these NUTZ! what!


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        nickyydeee stinksss oo wee hee larrrks theee deee its noo surprise when he chokes on the rise n SHIT he asnt gotta COCKAHH soo he uses the mop, hes lark a jew except he asnt got a clue or the money to pay some honey soo goos to prison to get it fooo free frum big ol bubby.


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          lavish life is what I live /the crime is what I did Ima be off my head on meth/ still not dead yet what ya's gonna do I remember like a elephant I don't forget aka they call me THE DEX
          side step the bullets flying at me call me bullet proof got so many issues put yourself in my shoes pick and choose
          its either you deal with it or hang on the noose most days get you loose
          420 on the plate bread in the bank drugs in the briefcase no mistakes leave no trace this the life I make
          metaphor is critical so lethal leaving you gasping for oxygen
          rhymes is my crime every line is mine legacy money making killaz we the realest the most finest nothing can out do us
          step on the scene you leaving to the cemetery in the box G don't fuck with Kingie P