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Family ranks main or turbo

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  • Clutch
    Managing your family's won credits is a big part of it.

    If you let all your members just spend their won credits however they want, chances are, a bunch will be wasted, and folks will end up with less than ideal builds.

    For turbo rounds ... if none of your guys are buying credits to add in, then it really comes down to looting (now that there are bots in turbo rounds).
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  • Mitch1
    A sub pack and 9+ followers. = Turbo fam rank.
    Although 21, seems to do ok just looting and banking with a few

    A bundle of spare cash,
    and a few
    ( As The_Freak had.) = Main fam rank.
    Although a few players do well working with long term pals with some sub's .

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  • IDC
    started a topic Family ranks main or turbo

    Family ranks main or turbo

    Would you all enlighten or care to indulge your secrets for new or trying families and players on how you excel in family ranks either round? Dont need full description just generic details