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  • Killing these days

    So with the kp system currently do you just straight hit a player or do you devise plan out your build vs theirs and calculate everything?

    Just curious ive talked to some on their opinions but im curious to the community on it


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    Well I think we need to recycle some of the old methods back into rotation..

    but I like the wild Wild West.. plan? What plan?? Let’s just anger management this shit and kill all five and six stars.. funk that!!

    Wait what was the topic again lol


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      Well, it depends, if you're going for KPs or simply, just trying to destroy an entire family.

      I prefer doing both, so I tend to calculate how many DUs I can take from each person and start hitting 5-10 mins before TOH so that way if I max them, I can continue killing a few mins later (while also collecting new KPs in the process).

      I've had enough experience in killing to know off the bat how much each opposing build will take in terms of DUs, whether they're hitmen or Thugs/Bgs.

      Also, how many DUs you have and what kind of DUs you have is crucial in how many KPs you will gain from each each hit. Either way, I still prefer the old KP system.

      There's more to it but, that's just the gist.

      Oh and I only kill when I'm drunk, more fun that way.

      Speaking of drunk... I gotta make a beer run


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        its all about Math.


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          Killsmith can you elaborate on your comment pls? Game jokes aside im curious to killing old vs new ty