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I love ma sweetiepie, JOOST THAA WAY YOU AHHHH ;P

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  • I love ma sweetiepie, JOOST THAA WAY YOU AHHHH ;P

    foor ma sweetiepie n sassiness

    Ahhh never take anything foo granted
    Only a foo takes things foo granted
    joost becaaause its here today
    , it can be gone tommorow
    and that's the one thing that's you
    never in yoo life ever hav tah worry bout me
    if ill ever changed towards you cos
    baby ahhh lurrrve you
    yeah ahhh lurve you
    just the way... you ahhhh

    don't go changing trynnah please me
    you never let me darn beffiree
    I don't imagine your too familiahh
    n ahh don't see you anymore
    ahh would not leave you in taahms of trouble
    we never coulda come this far
    I took the good taahms ill take the bad taahms
    AHHHH lurrrve yahh just the waay you ahhhh

    don't goo trynnnahh some new fashion
    don't change the colour of yoo hair
    you akways have mahh unspoken passion
    - although ahh might not seem to care

    ahh don't want clever conversation
    Ah don't wanna work that hard
    ahh just want some one to talk toooo
    AHH want you joooost the waaayy you ahhhhh

    ahh need to know that you will allways bee
    the same old someone that ahh knew
    what will ettt take till your believe maahhh
    the waay that ahh believe in yoooou

    AHHH said ahh lurrrve yaaah n that's forevahhh
    n this is ahh promise frummah ahhht
    ahh could not lurve yaaa any bettah
    ahhh lurve yaaa just the waaaayyy you ahhhh

    ahh don't waannnt clevahhhh conversation
    Ah don't wanna work that harrrrd
    ahh just want some some one to talk tooooooo
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    Awwww. Thats so sweet I only hope to find someone who sees me as you see your sassy xoxox


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      SHE MA MEATAHH !! that needs to be tenderised