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Britian is a very poor country

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  • Britian is a very poor country

    Britian is a very poor country most people are homeless, theys gangs, theys corrupt politicians, theys elderly dieing of cold.

    Britian is worse to live in then anyway else in the word, britian is worse than africa, theys no jobs either. living costs are very high, job wage is extremely low.

    britian is a horrible hard ship place to live, people are dying of starvation.

    theys no growth, its as an extremely weak economy, nothing is been produced

    britian is a 3rd world country.. infacts its soo poor its propably going to be the only country in the 4th world.

    its soo hard im thinking about immigrating to Zimbabwe and I cant afford to pay so I may have to become an illegal immigrant
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    Is your JSA not helping?


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      Everyone I know in the UK are doing pretty well...own homes and travel a lot...I didn't think it was so poor while I was there. Costs are very high I agree. But honestly never knew it was so bad off .


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        they spent a lot of money on booze,birds,and fast cars. The rest they just squandered.


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          That's just lies the British government are telling you


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            they should consider some laws in UK that prevent half of north africa to work in england without papers....

            you blame france and other countries while your country makes it very easy for illegal immigrants to stay there

            and now i heard your second language is becoming russian

            worthless island
            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                I could honestly give 2 fucks less


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                  you will do when your sending me aid money
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