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I dont hate gays, I Hate gay organisations and the rainbow flag

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  • I dont hate gays, I Hate gay organisations and the rainbow flag

    it just looks cheap n tacky n taking pride in sin I mean who on earth takes pride in sexuality ?.

    I thought sexuality was just that sexuality ?. who your attracted to nothing else ?. Well if it is then what the hell is with all the organisations and the rainbow flag n shit asthough your making out your a ''people'' like a race. N having your organisations modelled on political partys... leftwing n liberal as typical ?. I also don't like the flamboyant idiots who follow this and say they men YET act like women.. why would a gay man be interested in a man who acts like a woman ??.. Plus theys an agenda to shuv it all down everybodys throat. Plus its like making out all gay men follow the same politics and same ideologies and stuff like robots and clones

    Any self respecting gay person shouldn't follow these organisations which ARE given them a bad name.

    Nazis where also all mainly gays but that's another topic. Difference is atleast they where proud of they nationality and culture, fought for they country and where proud MEN... Nazis just hunted down all the fememnime gays... the strong masculine ones where the leaders.

    Anyway... I like gays who have COMMONSENSE and think for themselves, rather than follow the gay agenda organisations. and who are MEN and don't pretend to be women. and are normal and not flamboyant and dress normal and everything just normal soo normal you walk past them you wouldn't be able to tell if they where gay....

    I know they do defanatly exist, I have worked with gay men for years who I didn't even know where gay they where so normal.

    I don't have a problem with gays, I have a problem with the organisations.
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    * didn't know they were gay until they popped a finger in your poophole


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      Well ahhh ya cant blame em