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Do video games cause rage?

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  • Do video games cause rage?

    Do video games cause rage? Some experts say yes. Although TMB is not a video game, I see this same phenomenon with some of the players on this site. Some people get so angry over small things. If you have a problem with gaming, call someone for help or at the very least, take a step away and relax for a minute.

    Here is an excerpt from an article I read regarding video games. The article stems from a man shooting up his own home because he lost in a game. He shot 16 rounds into his own ceiling and walls. One round went through the wall and into a neighbors’ home. He was arrested and charged with for four counts of reckless endangerment involving a deadly weapon. Game unknown. Probably Fortnite.

    'Video games do cause rage!
    Rage induced by having a video game taken away is much more common than rage stemming from a video game itself due to the addictive nature of video games and the connection players often feel to their fictional community.

    Rage can arise from video games as people can have a hard time separating reality from fiction, particularly as video games are often played online with multiple people so that contenders are part of a fictional community. When a player feels he or she has let other players down or is criticized by other players, he or she can take it very personally and become very angry. People that play lots and lots of hours of these things, their online avatar becomes part of their identity. Struggles within a game upset them just as much as failures and disappointments in real life. Vicariously living through an inflated ego of an avatar can lead to the sense of rejection and anger a player when they don't win a game.
    How can gamers prevent rage? How can video gamers prevent themselves from falling into a rage while playing? "Everything has to be in moderation." People need time for normal human interaction. When it comes to young players who can't control their emotions, parents will need to get rid of the games altogether. Parents need to have complete control over the gaming system and outline guidelines for when it can be used. "From the beginning, the parents need to be clear that the children don't own the games or the devices."'

    Does this sound like anyone you know?

    I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.

    Gen. Mattis

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    I swear left and right thr game cheats


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      Not only cause rage but also a complete mental breakdown[1], it might probably through disappointment or failure to complete the mission or task given inside the game, some teenagers spend hours and hundreds of dollar to buy the best equipment to satisfy their need and also within the game itself, even though some studies pointed out that game risen the level of intellectual and social interaction within the online community[2]

      " Researchers from the University of Rochester developed a study to learn more about the psychological effects of video games, focusing on the user experience rather than the content of the games. They tested a motivational hypothesis based on self-determination theory: the amount of aggression associated with gaming would be directly tied to the degree the games impeded the psychological need for competence. In other words, the more a person failed at mastering a game, the more aggressive he or she might feel " [3]

      - There are some game that teaches some real history like Call of Duty: WWII and Assassin Creed Origin (which I have played both of them), it has a lot of pros and cons, some of the benefits from what i could see as a teenagers and a gamer myself is the potential that the game could generate quite a good income through social platform, Gamers such as CaptainSparklez, Frankieonpcin1080p, Pewdiepie and other has become a millionaire and rose to fame by just indulging themselves through online streaming. Secondly, playing challenging games that require the player to think and use his creativity make the playing process more interesting and would develop the mind of a person to be better in understanding and decision making[4]....

      I need to clarify that I have read 3 out of 4 of the article listed below but all of it has lead to the same facts that's related to each other in the term of studies and also the research that has been conducted by numerous people in my University




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        Wtf diego


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          ask levi


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            I do get pissed off sometimes ...rage?....not quite though....
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              Do you think this is a game?
              TMB IS REAL LIIIIIFE!!!
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              I am always watching.
              Be kind to each other.


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                LIfes a game.. I just seen a comic I didnt know existed on netflix. Sam Kinison. He basically became a comedian from being a preacher. His rage was about his wife boning all his best friends. Sam and his wife were playing two different games. As a Canadian it is difficult to display rage ... real rage. I play call of duty with some friends for real money and when we get beat because of some dumbass move made by one of the friends it gives us ammo to disparage them for a few weeks. On TMB there used to be this super fly guy that was threatening to come to Canada and kill my family and friends. He lived in a trailer in Florida. I reported him to the FBI as it wasnt difficult to find him.

                This game needs some rage to make it interesting. It always never fails to please when you can get someone ramped up over some dus or ops or killing all their multis.

                Just remember, you're not the only participant; no one person holds all the answers, the pieces, or the cards. The key to success in this life is to accumulate teammates and not opponents.” (in my SAM Kinison voice) Something YOU FUCKING IMBECILES that havent figured it out should have grasped by now.


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                  Originally posted by harryverderchki View Post
                  LIfes a game.. I just seen a comic I didnt know existed on netflix. Sam Kinison.
                  Sam Kinison was awesome. I used to watch him all the time. I had bets on how red his face would get and if he'd blow a vessel or not.
                  RIP Sam....RAGE was his thing.
                  I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.

                  Gen. Mattis


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                    there was actually two specials on netflix. One from sams brother who I guess was trying to capitalize some cash. I started watching the documentary and it referenced the hbo special sam did and by chance looked it up and watched it. Professional rage and he would have been a great preacher especially in these times .


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                      Sup good topic. To be honest, all people are affected by stimuli differently. Rage can be activated in people differently and in various degrees.