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Dear Storm

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  • Dear Storm

    Stop responding on my forum posts and then blocking me from responding it's a cowardly act!

    i have never stated those words

    1. Using program to cheat
    2. Cheat at all

    you or your staff members have made those assumptions and also made the whole game beleive im a cheat! Freezing accounts looks to me and everyone else that particular player is a cheat.

    all this is power hype! Must of been a while since you've pressed the freeze button, of corse I want this public isn't this my case?

    You have labbelled me as a cheat otherwise I would t be frozen you claim I have breached game rules and I didn't, every player talks shit on this game, so unless I say the words I cheat or I use programs to conduct my game play what can you say or do!

    you are reluctant to admit you have made assumptions based on nothing at all! I'm not
    too sure how close you and the accuser are but clearly closer then me and Clutch and that's close.

    i never stated anything about cheating never stated anything about using
    programs never done anything towards the game or staff to think otherwise! The only affect I have caused on this game is gaining fans like your accusers and being one of the best on the game!

    i have gave you the opportunity to apologise for your actions and you haven't flinched! I understand you want to look professional and the bigger person.

    do not take the complaints seriously unless it is affecting gameplay like you have with game bots! I have recruited vast amount of newbies and also scrubbed up on training with vets! If anything you have affected free player capability even more! Which I'm sure is what you really want! (Another massive cover up) why in the hell would game staff want free players have the chance to take on supporters! LOL!

    so delete these post comment and block my response all you want in fact keep me banned no one on this game brings more fun then me no one on this game as brought a new team to the game In a long time.

    its not my loss big boy trigger happy on the freeze button

    Last edited by KillSmith; 12-04-2018, 05:21 PM.

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    Some people don't learn. Bye.
    Game Admin