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  • Public Apology (Staff)

    I want a public apology for being labelled as a cheat, the person I want this to come from is rather the staff member who is the accuser or you Storm directly, After the public apology I will return to game as normal and continue my wrath.

    And the response on your apology - I will also display my affection and thoughts on my comments towards staff? It cannot get anymore plain and simple as that, fair I think so? will it happen I doubt that very much but its a nice test of pride and respect.

    I have received lots of emails and messages, SF members who have messaged me thank you I will help you out as much as I can.

    Thank you.

    (Directed towards Staff only - players your comments and thoughts are irrelevant since you can only speculate at this point)

    lets see.

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    you want to do this publicly? Ok.

    You were frozen because you openly said on your union board that you use a program that automates everything you do. Whether or not you cheat or this is true or not about what you NOT WHY you were frozen. I have told you this more than 10 times now but seems you got trouble absorbing the info

    you were frozen because you actually said it in public, someone reported you, I checked your union board that you did post such a message and the action was to freeze you until you seem some sense in the point that when you post things like this then the people you play with or who read it from your union, can be influenced to actually wanna try it, cos you said its cool/you do it/whatever....

    You get no apologies from us, sorry. get your act together you broke rules, we applied them, i spoke to you civilly told you i will unfreeze you before or after turbo [with the hope that you would understand that such statements in the game is stupid and can prompt others to wanna try this shit.

    and then you complain rudely to me and cc in your family members in your mail to admin [me],. do you think i need this drama? Stick to the rules and we good, respect staff and we good, but dont think this is a case of the customer is always right,....its not a supermarket its an online community and its moderated according to guidelines

    Make the effort to read it and while you at it, get the rest of your family to do the same.
    Game Admin


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      And PS: You labelled yourself as a cheat so I suggest you go find a mirror and apologize to yourself.

      While you at it have some cheese with your w[h]ine
      Game Admin