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Freedom of Speech

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  • Freedom of Speech

    I'm not sure how many of you have heard me chat shit on this game, earlier today we was talking about looting and how quick we all are, which included DOT and ONE.

    1. I claimed to use voice activation when I log in

    2. I claimed to log in even though I'm at no computer

    3. When I do log in I just press play and all bots maxed without me doing a thing

    4. I do not ever see any other page on this game other then the captcha page due to the fact I travel at the speed of light

    i have made many statements over the past couple of months never thought the day would come that players acatailly beleive this shit

    someone from UC clearly reported my statements and I'm banned LMFAO

    Of course i think we all know what players have been pushing for this, little children now now lol.

    im like chuck Norris but better do you beleive that too Storm.

    ive been hooked for awhile had a great laugh with some of you, overall we all know the games simply a boredom cure in and out of work! It's going nowhere and lacks free player capability.

    thank you for the ban I have more time to work sad but better ❤

    see you later.......remember I will always be like you only better

    Killsmith over and out.

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    im assuming all the cash you looted will now be deducted from the uc union,,,,,


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      Now, lets do the math.. X amounts of hits out per average $ per bot..deducted from the fam


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        i claim to fuck a lot of chicks.


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          storm wouldn't ban you cause of a rumor or you claiming something that is impossible..... maybe he would he does some odd things.


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            Stop talking shit.... I'm more then happy for
            storm staff and the accusers to
            openly display whatever evidence they have they won't have nothing.

            So to confirm I have been banned based on speculation.


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              I can loot with my eyes shut


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                but not from the forums that is interesting. yeah if it is just speculation i agree it's bullshit.

                but don't worry i just speculated on a bunch of players so lets see what happens.


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                  I loot only on sunrise and sunset since my dads superman

                  storms Also aware I'm the only human that never blinks....


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                    If I say tiki and tmk are my multi does one get a ban and the other the sack? Must do.


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                      Let's see if the staff can show there balls on this forum and post the evidence to prove I'm cheating. what is more interesting is that some SUPER fan bigger then clutch YUP Even Bigger reported me for what?

                      Last edited by Fornax; 12-02-2018, 09:35 PM. Reason: slander


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                        Then next time stop talking shit about doing things that break the rules.. Players are assholes and they will try to use anything against you if you not liked. Thread closed, this is not USA this is a game there is no freedom of speech just game rules.Thread closed.
                        Game Admin


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                          This is how you treat free players/supporters what a cunt banned for speculations ps I'm TMK let us all see you ban him you power freak


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                            PS: You can play turbo and i will unban you after turbo, consider this a warning for having a big mouth about saying you do what you do, shit like this gives us countless headaches
                            Game Admin


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                              that is a cunt move for speculation or something that KS might of said. He says stupid shit all the time. i never believe him so why do you?