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Eventually ''ALIEN' will be deemed OFFENSIVE towards aliens

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  • Eventually ''ALIEN' will be deemed OFFENSIVE towards aliens

    I can just see it... with how daft the world is getting... very soon.. the word alien will be considered offensive towards extra tetesticles that we haven't even met yet

    WELL we have.. aliens have been on this planet for thousands of years they depicted on every culture of the world plus theys no way on earth the humans could have built the pyramids all over the world some of the rocks are so heavy that still no modern day equipment can pick them up. They visit the government and satanic cults, illuminate, lizard people etc. The government trys to cover it up from everyone else,

    Ive seen thing with my own eyes.

    Anyway back on point.

    Just wait eventually in a few years time.. alien will be considered racist towards aliens.

    Humans are a species that love to oppress themselves in way to think and language., THE ELITES ARE TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE CLONES AND LIKE ROBOTS.. all acting speaking and thinking the same.

    eventually they be a civil right for prawns
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    You really are an do you get time to come up with new shit everyday lol
    Are you wanking all day at home?


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      on the dole Ahhhhhh


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        Why don't you just create 1 thread titled " The bullshit of Worker" then just keep posting your shit in that?

        You create shit after shit,that nobody gives a shit about, and in the process you push worthwhile meaningful threads off of the main page.

        People may actually miss a decent discussion, because you are a selfish little cunt with no hope for the future.


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          AMMM lazyyyy Ahhtttt AHH