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My trip to Amman, Jordan-.-

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  • My trip to Amman, Jordan-.-


    Yesterday I got home from a week in Amman in Jordan. My father are working there, so I have been there one week, visiting him. First I have to say the city Amman are so nice! You should go there if you can. My father have an appartment in the middle of the city, so you can pretty much walk to everything

    I started my jurney in Manchester last friday, flying with Air France to Paris, and then I had to wait for 4(!) hrs at charles de gaulle airport in Paris, before I did board the flight with royal jordanian airlines flight to Amman. First time I have been flying the dreamliner by the way! It was cool. I think the flight was 4,5 hrs to Amman.

    When the plane landed, and I had collected my baggage and everything, I went outside the airport, and met with my father. He was driving there to pick me up. I had not seen him for many months, so we had so much to talk about! First thing he said when we were driving from the airport was, look at your hair! We need to get you a haircut young man! I said it's not that important, but he interruptet me and said, tomorrow you are going to a barber shop. No more to discuss!

    The next morning he woke me up at 8 o'clock for breakfast, and we startet talking about what we should do that day, and he said we should start with the market hall in Amman. I said yes, why not. And then he said, but first it will be haircut for you. I was hoping he had forgot that during the night, and I said it's not that important. He said yes it is. I did not want any haircut, so I was starting to get frustrated because I knew that when he decided something, it was going to happen. -.-

    When we went outside we started walking to the market hall, and it was so much to see. So nice city. So different from Manchester in the UK! And we passed a barber shop and my father said, let's go over and ask if they have time for you. I started to say maybe we could wait, but he said no. So we went over to the barber shop. And my dad did ask the man inside, do you speak english? An the man said, english little bit. And my dad pointed at me and said, do you have time for him? And the barber said, haircut he want? And my dad said, yes, haircut for him. The barber said, yes no problem. And my dad said, can you do short haircut on him. Haircut for school. The barber said, short no problmem.

    My dad went over to the waiting area, and the barber looked at me and pointed at the barber chair. So I had no other chice than head over to the chair and sit down. And the barber turned to my dad and said, you want short haircut for school? And my dad said, yes short. And the barber said, no problem. And then he dressed me up with a haircut cape (or what you call it). And he started the haircut right away with a machine. My hair was falling down more and more on the haircut cape I had on. I could se in the mirror that he was almost shaving the sides, maybe like a number 1 or 0,5 cut in the UK. I was not used to that short hair, but now I was seated in the chair, getting a jordan school haircut as he called it. -.-

    After he was done with the sides, he started with the top. He did cut of a lot with different scissors. It was not fun to sit in the chair and look at all the hair wich was falling down on the cape I had to have on. And look in the mirror while he was cutting shorter and shorter. When he was done, he turned the chair with me in around to face my dad who was sitting and waiting for me. And the barber aksed my dad, this ok for him, or you want shorter? And my dad said (luckily) it's fine. So he turned the chair back to the mirror, and did put some hair gel in. And then he released the cape and I was able to leave the chair. And my dad did pay, and we left the barber shop.

    Here is a picture my dad took and ofcourse posted on he's facebook -.-
    It was just after the haircut had started, and I was not that happy -.-

    After I was done with the haircut, we went to the market hall. And it was so cool. So much to see!
    Amman is a fantastic city, and I feel so lucky to have been there. Not so lucky because of the visit to the barber shop. But other than that it was so nice. And it was so good to spend a week here. I arrived home to Manchester on friday. I hope to go back some time soon. Maybe during the summer.

    Have you been to Jordan?

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    How was the uber service there
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        Originally posted by IDC View Post
        How was the uber service there
        No need for uber when living in the city center there


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          Seems like u love Jordan, and your dad, the haircut saved you cash.. whats not to like lol


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            The barber did speak very limited english, so he did not understand so much. My dad ordered short haircut for me. And I was placed in a barber chair in Amman, and when he was going to dress me with the hair cut cape I had to have on, it smelled like old tobaco-.- Better to pay for haircut at home.
            I ended up with a really short haircut after this.
            But yes, I do love Amman if you look away from the haicut.


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                Who cares


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                  I care! When you are in Amman, and are placed in a barber chair, by a man who almost speak no english it's not so fun. You sitting in the chair and waiting with arabic music in the background and the barber comes over and dressing you up with a haircut cape and making you ready for a hairut it's not so fun.. and when you are sitting there with the haircut cape on and the barber starting cutting off hair with the machine around the ears and on the neck it's not so fun. Because you can not say anything.. You just have to sit there and watch the hair fall off more and more.. -.- Not fun!


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                    am i on facebook or am i on tmb..