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  • MY Religious Beliefs

    (its pretty long but read it all to understand and before you comment)

    Well im a Christian

    but the way I interpretate the bible is this.

    That it is real history but in a metaphorical way.. because don't forget the people that wrote it where from a different time and language was different and it would be hard to explain stuff in todays modern languages. But it all did happen nonetheless.

    I believe GOD is the father and creator of everything and everyone IN THE UNIVERSE AND OTHER MULTIVERSES AND EVERYTHING !!!!!!

    Jesus is the SON of GOD through the holy spirit.. we are all children of God but jesus is pure through the holy spirit. They isn't a trinity god in 3 persons.

    Race of Jesus,
    I don't like talking about this because its not important but i will for the sake of this thread, a lot of shallow people talk a lot of looks and race and so on about jesus... I don't know what that matters.. people totally miss the point. But its very simple to me... and common sense, he was a Palestinian jew and like all middle easterners they brown skinned... I BELIEVE THOUGH that the middle easterners Palestinians are actually just a mixture of everyone on earth... In the north you have white south black, east Chinese and west native American... SO IT MAKES SENSE that GOD made the middle easterns a mixture of all the races and made JESUS a mixture of everyone on earth... also jesus wasn't good looking like hes portrayed SATAN is good looking because sin attracts. But JESUS actually looked humble and homely because been honest and good is long and hard but its the RIGHT PATH. and jesus was a working class poor carpenter

    Because jesus is for everyone.. and if jesus is for us who be against us ?.

    I believe God made people gay, lesbian because its they own personal test. It isn't a sin to be gay but the act is a sin but anal oral is also sinful for straight people aswell. God loves you all the same. where all equal. and everyone is a sinner... he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Heaven/Hell and afterlife
    I believe hell is simply death.. the grave, because that's what it actually ment I don't believe a loving God would send his own children to hell, what kind of a father would do that ?... It proves it... But theys also got to be some kind of justice for the extreme evil peoples victims which are also gods children.. So I believe the good get repayed all enjoyment in heaven.. but the wicked just stay dead as they punishment.

    (i also believe reincarnation is a strong possibility because the universe wastes nothing and everything gets recycled Plus God might want people to learn they lessons over and over again in different lifes and gives the sinners who failed to repent another go and so on.)

    people shouldn't concentrate on the afterlife we should be grateful GOD as given us life on earth NOW. I WORSHIP GOD because I love GOD, NOT for the afterlife.

    The nephalim.
    The nephalim giant people halfbreed human and angels DEFANATLY existed... every culture in the world as pictures of giants and giant skeletons have been found.


    science...I like science im interested in it like watching documentarys, science can explain the ingredients and building blocks for life... but that's all..

    and also

    Theys a lot of hypocrits out there

    people who say they for God yet preach hate are corrupted by satan

    such as
    West boro Baptist church
    Black Hebrew isrealites
    Nation of islam

    and so on

    will not wake up from there sleep.

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      who asnt sinned cast the first stone

      nobody is perfect

      but I repent of my sins every day


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        Anndddd nobody gives 2 shits


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          Im spreading the word, im gonna save your souls whether you like it or not ... Because your hate isn't you speaking its the evil spirits that as corrupted you and your thinking. BUT WITH THE POWER OF GOD the evil can and will be defeated.