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Celebrities death conspiracy

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  • Celebrities death conspiracy

    From my time growing up in this world I have noticed a few deaths and a few huge celebrities dying , which was all over the magazines,TV ,radio and more social media outlets such as facebook in like mins of the deaths ( NO RESPECT FOR THE DEAD NOR FAMILY ) . SO you know I have come here to let you all know my opinion on these deaths and how they seem a little bit fake or mislead to the public/world to believe.

    Let me start with 2PAC and Micheal Jackson

    (1) - Both performers/artists were award winning performers/artists and had left a huge legacy
    (2) - Both performers?artists were pronounced dead before there parents
    (3) - Both had songs or something to say about the ILLUMINATI

    okay my point is both died before parents so that can make a fake run off get outta show biz and live a normal life in another country wait still as a millionaire because when you die your parents have the right to claim everything you own unless you leave it to a specific person!

    2pac and MJ gets money wired on a monthly basis from there mothers who now holds the legacy

    2pac - now known as MACKAVELI after the famous Niccolo Machiavelli who faked his death also

    MJ - apparently was in debt buy hundred millions so why do you think after 10 years he had to do 50 concerts , he couldn't do it so he fake his death and took off with what little money he had left it was either his fame dying or himself he let his fame die at what he had !

    I might of missed a few but I will let you all know

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    Mj had stock in Sony and owned copyrights to several major songs. So if broke how his kids still livin So good?


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      Don't forget his kids grandparents are wealthy people also such as janet jackson (aunty) she is a award singer herself


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        Not just this but Micheal jackson also had old law suits which didn't finalise


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          MJ VS PRINCE

          anyone know anything ??


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            chris benoit is in canada with elvis. kennedy and harold holt


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              NEW WORLD ORDER elites are behind everything trying to stop the messages from getting out to warn people

              watch tv listen to music and films and you can see the warning signs within them


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                what's a 2pac?
                It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                  less than a 4 pac or same equivalent to JewfudgePac or why are womens holes or so close together ? Its because ya can pick em up like a 6 pack Ahah



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                    Don't you mean tubesock shakaur the singer?


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                      ooooh 2pac the singer....totally overrated

                      Big L mthrfckr
                      It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.