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A glimpse into the past - harryverderchki, a spineless hypocrite

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    Originally posted by MichaelJ View Post
    Lol, back to what I said, "more, can you beat them?"

    People have tried for years
    It is fun, but there is one simple thing they are missing that makes us better then everyone else
    The answer would border on game bashing


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      check out my profile. Based on your theory I am now your multi and you should be expunged from the game.

      Holy shit eh.


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        geez christ Harry you dont have to explan that shit to him wth

        plus he is a jew for christ sake


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          Lol fly.. yes you got your medal through your multis.
          brothers account my ass.
          lol :-)


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            oh look you have the same media as me .

            so now its a fact you are my multi.

            no what I am your multi cuz you had it up first.

            I am so confused.

            But one of them must be a fact .


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              Grow some nuts. Answer the first comment


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                Originally posted by Super_Fly View Post
                I am having fun, but it's people like him and a handful of others that detract from the game and unknowingly cost the game money it could be making much more of if not for potential supporters being scared off because of the rampant corruption
                Round 652..

                -Level 4-

                rank mafioso net worth
                1. DaKing $276,989,596,559,874
                2. Cultivator $179,357,519,676,944
                3. DinG_DonG $4,257,804,929,592
                4. TwElVe-StEp $3,924,560,254,285
                5. LOPOV $3,002,986,649,380
                6. Fat_Joe $2,512,471,797,982
                7. TAMMYGUNZ $1,946,947,990,754
                8. Spit_Chain $1,003,911,179,001
                9. Monkeykilla $255,329,078,227
                10. Validuz $138,409,752,314

                Some free player named Harryverderchki takes out 2.8 million dus of DaKing just before eor setting up his union for one of the biggest money wins and biggest jackpots of the year. Following that event a spending spree ensues that will be legendary.

                Unfortunately Cultivator some would say timed what followed a bit too soon.

                Ok now you go.


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                  Thats one bad record btw .

                  I wouldnt be proud of that but if you are .. Great for you


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                    Didnt answer my question .

                    I showed how my game play affected the j/p and cripples your statement about costing the game money.

                    Your activity with all those free killing tries and fails is about what most would expect.

                    You get a few in a turbo and some low ranks and completely do nothing but attack level ones with the union turns.

                    You can't see how disparaging your record is?

                    Too funny .

                    Thanks for sharing that .


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                      who gives a fuck the jew has multis been found out and asked for farming help he finally got gold harry quit making fun of you so we quit the je hunt did you miss the attention? I can post all my many turns won as well but what does it prove? you got a few free creds? damnnnnn you the fuckin king now super now go kill your self make us all happy you white ethiopian looking crack head


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                        Originally posted by Super_Fly

                        Type Description Amount Expires
                        Credits Won Round 665 :: Best Free Killers - Rank 1 20,000 9 days, 43 minutes, and 11 seconds.

                        Bamm! you can die a happy man now.


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                          I was just reiterating what type of man(lack thereof) harry is. BONO and Roughy get my respect because they make possible anything the level ones accomplish in their union.


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                            you got harry to post half a book in his defense

                            good trolling
                            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                              had to put a lot of spaces in it .

                              most of it is how wonderful IU is.

                              so who is trolling who?

                              lots of spaces .

                              I been with IU for almost 2 years and he thinks now he has uncovered some conspiracy.

                              I don't think anyone cares but if you want to hear some more good IU stuff lemme know.


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                                Better than the Jew sing like the 7dwarfs a trolling we will go a trolling we will go