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A glimpse into the past - harryverderchki, a spineless hypocrite

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  • A glimpse into the past - harryverderchki, a spineless hypocrite

    What a piece of shit. True Canadian coward. Read his threads, and then tell me what happened to make him become the very thing he used to despise. Anyone else like to shed some light on the matter feel free. Mitsui the king of farming also. Pathetic.

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      No one cares man, it's a game

      If you not having fun, spend some money, or quit.


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        I am having fun, but it's people like him and a handful of others that detract from the game and unknowingly cost the game money it could be making much more of if not for potential supporters being scared off because of the rampant corruption


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          People are afraid to support, because of the cost.
          Lot's of people use a sub for fun, but no one wants to spend more, or they get the chance of losing quite a sum of cash


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            I digress. We're getting off topic of the original post


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              See lol

              The jackpot isn't corruption
              Usually the same 3 people been winning it now for about 20 rounds

              It's more of, can you beat them?


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                We all have a prick stage in our time in tmb some don't grow out of it atleast Harry has


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                  Originally posted by MichaelJ View Post
                  See lol

                  The jackpot isn't corruption
                  Usually the same 3 people been winning it now for about 20 rounds

                  It's more of, can you beat them?
                  Lol no its not, if people were more organized there would be more challenge to the jackpot.


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                    a worse problem would be jackpot players only interested in jackpot and refuse to take part in this game...

                    another problem would be harry and his fellow haters in iu taking the fun out of everything

                    and ofcourse they cheat....almost everyone knows....but you'll need proof
                    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                      I started off on my own. I jumped and tried different families. I been here 3 years.

                      Went with the Apes prior to them joining IU.

                      Then I met some of the IU guys while in apes .

                      Its not an unusual story .

                      There is a thread about who is in your dream team.

                      Most of the guys in IU are already a dream team.

                      You want to go head to head with most of any of my buds in IU you are going to get smashed.

                      Most have been just fucking around waiting for new rules to kick in and are playing around.

                      Truth is most good players will gravitate together.

                      You keep crying out of multis but I seem to get hit by your union every round by someone that gets generated as soon as you get hit. The player rises out of no where and then disappears into the sunset.

                      The union that has the most frozen players is UN . I assume it isnt for wishing people dead.

                      I appreciate the notes you are taking and making a chronicle for me.

                      You have difficulty with the game because you are not very good at it.

                      The outcry for everyone to rap their arms around your conspiracy theories is stupid and everyone knows you get beat because you just are dumb and will never get the game.

                      Your rage and hate isnt because I compete against you, its because I can call out you when hiding, and all of your multis. Its about that simple.

                      Would your union get more support if it wasnt for you? Absolutely. Its not just IU that despises your lil whining sessions.

                      Its the players you call out randomly for people to kill when you are going for a killing session on the forums.

                      Sometimes that kind of thing can bite you in the ass when you blatantly cheat like that. People remember and they will fuck you up at a later date. It isnt rocket science.

                      I would never complain about you on here because you provide a service to my buds who enjoy killing you.

                      You always make it sound like you would win every gold medal every round if only it wasnt for.. ........

                      Let me tell you something about my teammates. You arent going to beat them.
                      We are coasting at the moment. Most of the IU players when they log on can take on the role that is a void in what is required without the need for instructions. They can change modes on the fly when shit happens and they don't give up. They play as a team, they don't need a pat on the back, they don't cry on the forums. If someone goes onto the board and asks for cash they get about 5 transfers within seconds. If we want to get someone taken out the level ones can usually take care of any level 4 threat from any union and or family and most would give up their level 1 killing aspirations to do this.

                      Compared to you , You just have no clue how much better most players are. You have two settings in your gameplay . Trying to get yourself killing medals, and talking about how great you are (which is basically all you say when you come on to the forum to give some teary speach). Both of these activities actually put your union in more jeopardy and do nothing positive for your union. Even someone with an IQ of a banana peel can figure this out.

                      Killing is not really all that challenging. One try and done for me. Most of the other killers in the game and there are dozens of them in many families and unions that are exponentially better at it than you mostly now spend their time doing whats good for their family or union. You got your gold medal playing against basically no one.

                      The biggest difference between us is that when I went for medals when I started I wanted to get them against the best players. That was IU. You just want them to go away and make room for you. Trust me if at any time you find yourself continuing to win then there is likely a fat lady singing in the background and there is a shiny fork in the middle of TMB.

                      Do I mind that I got under your skin so much that you need to get on the forum to cry about me. ??

                      My game strategy in IU I will share with you. Play the round where level 4s will spend the most turns on me.
                      Its not that hard to figure out. Where do you fit into that .?? You are a little squeek that wants everyone in the game to rally around to win some stupid free killing medal that maybe a handful of players care about.


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                        Get it fly?
                        Thread closed!


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                          Someone has way too much time on their hands haha!
                          I live in an anemone


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                            His long drawn out essay of lies, slander, and namecalling still didn't address the FACTS I laid out on the first post. If anything he said was true, how do you explain the links(URL) I posted on the first comment ?
                            He has yet to address any of my accusations.


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                              Originally posted by Drizzle View Post
                              Lol no its not, if people were more organized there would be more challenge to the jackpot.
                              Lol, back to what I said, "more, can you beat them?"

                              People have tried for years
                              It is fun, but there is one simple thing they are missing that makes us better then everyone else