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  • Throwback Thursday

    Daniele's post about an Omerta/13 reunion got me thinking... is anyone in support of a throwback round?

    While I wasn't here at the very start, I am coming up on nine years and remember the good 'ole days fondly... I know that things weren't perfect, but I would love to see a round where the old rules are brought back - just for one round. Maybe to celebrate the big ten year anniversary...

    This isn't a staff bash or game bash, I know you guys work hard to improve things, it would just be nice to reminisce and it might help people (including me) appreciate the new rules and the reason the changes were made...

    Here is my suggested rules:

    - JP as per the usual
    - Transfers on (out of family as well)
    - No Unions / No Union prizes
    - Killer Family Prizes
    - Free / Supporter Killer Ranks (preferably old rules - armed DUs count if possible)
    - Family Prizes (top ten)
    - 20 members per family, must have 10 per family to rank (although sweeping with tiny fams was fun, it sucks for the indies)
    - Revenge Allowed
    - Must take 20% or 25% of net to max
    - Ops hits cost 250 turns (or something reasonable.. I want a war and a city with those beautiful double zeroes)
    - 75% Deposit to Safe box, No Family banks (although I know banking sucked, I did my time - it makes looting bank gankin' a helluva lot more exciting)
    - Uncapped Round

    Thoughts? Maybe I am the only one who would appreciate a throwback round?