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New Cities, ranks, medals, and tweaking the game.

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  • New Cities, ranks, medals, and tweaking the game.

    Please bring back killer family ranks and medals. Maybe not won credits but at least the medals. Perhaps add a free killers family rank. Families that could strictly be level 1 players who were rewarded with a team medal not won credits necessarily, for killing. It wouldn't drive away the supporters because I don't see how it would effect them. Whether most will admit it or not, they wouldn't mind having a shiny bronze, silver, or gold pixel medal on their profile. Some it seems won't settle for just a complete set, they want it all, and don't care about the state of the game or anyone but themselves. Perhaps and I say this with a bit of humor but serious at the same time, add a 4th place medal or at least a "participation ribbon" like they did in elementary school when you had a science project that sucked or wasn't quite good enough to win a trophy or whatever. It would add more fun to the game and be one more not so whiney pixel medal to the game for people to chase. Try adding some new cities to the game even if it means taking a couple out in place of the proposed new cities. Gangster ass cities like Miami, New Orleans, Boston, maybe Houston or Dallas, I'm in United Nations Union aka Legion which is our home city but no disrespect to Australia but when you think mafia, crime, murder, black market, etc the beautiful city of Sydney doesn't immediately spring to mind even To Aussies I would go out on a limb and safely assume. How about a city like Tel Aviv, Paris France, Munich or Berlin (hooligans dream city I imagine) I would say take away Istanbul for a more relevant mafia city but God forbid you do anything to disturb IU ... Tampa, Montreal, could be replaced with"cooler" more violent crime ridden cities. Mexico City, Medellin, and Bogota Columbia IMMEDIATELY come to mind. Tijuana Mexico... Brazil has some pretty fucking ratchet cities, Kingston Jamaica, welcome to Jamrock! Who wouldn't want a Jamaican city in the game? No offence to Cleveland but this is the mafia boss, Cleveland is gangster but the cities I listed previously give the game a much grittier feel if you ask me. I think the revision of cities is a paramount issue that could be handled through a public vote.