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  • What made TMB great

    Does anyone honestly think it was ever the graphics or punching 26 in a box or whatever number you might use. Hitting 2 buttons collect or attack. I think that was only a small part to what made TMB fun.

    Alliances that mattered, NAPs you actually needed. Knowing when to use diplomacy and when to say Fuck off. The friends we made that is what made TMB great to me. Currently you see alliances starting to matter, you see diplomacy creeping in even if you do not recognize it yet. The family I am in can join a union and it does not guarantee us anything, of course it may be beneficial but only time will tell. A player or family have options today that have consequences that my friends IS A good thing.

    The only thing left is to make defensive units important again and I think then this game will have a major upswing. I have missed diplomacy I can only hope it returns, I can only hope a few of you see the same things I do. It has always been the players never the game. So perhaps some might see the glass as half full, I prefer it that way as it is much better than an empty glass.

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    Yes TMB has always been a social hive, most people do play because of this, it is a community all on its own. It is essential to keep this sense of social scope and that in blogs as well, people are generally interested in that.