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    Another idea I thought about
    Here is where you can find my last suggestion

    Basically, this type of round would be a round where everyone and particular feature action is incognito.
    Don't compare this to turbo where we don't know each other

    In this round.
    Not only would we not know each other. We would see blank names.
    So we would be forced to pick our allies WISELY!!

    In addition to this...

    1.) Family/Union Banks would be blank to the enemy eyes
    ---Only Family or Union members would know how much they have. The enemy would have no idea. It would be BLANK

    2.) Prize Page/Global Ranks/City Ranks etc.
    ---Blank Family/Person would be in first, while Blank family/person would be in second. No one but admins and mods would know which family/person is winning or losing

    3.) Personal/Family/Union Media
    ---Would all be disabled.
    ---You could only allow it to be viewed by Family/Union and of course the actual person.

    4.) Personal Names
    ---All Blank to the eyes of the enemy.

    You don't know who's attack you
    You don't know who's winning
    All you know is there is a blank person with billions of dollars.
    This round be better fit for turbo where family size is limited to 10.

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    you need to understand that such suggestions require extensive code rewriting. So any ideas for special rounds are not practical or possible in 99% of the times that suggestions like this is made
    Game Admin