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Leaving families not allowed

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  • Leaving families not allowed

    2 things:

    Why is there a suggestion section on forum if every suggestion thread we make someone from Staff close it? lol

    Now about the title, alright,

    First, 2 days to ask Storm or Tiki to be removed from a family and join another.

    Now we have 4 days to leave family and join another.

    Thing is Storm will get so many messages asking for people removing them from their current families that Storm in the end will stop with this stupid rule lol

    And yes I know this thread will also get closed as soon a Staff member see it. but does not matter, Storm you know I'm right :P

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    So why not avoid all the messages spamming in your mailbox and let people leave when they want :P


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      Plus the drama of someone jumping ships in eor also make things interesting, isnt that entertaining?

      ok i'll stop talking to myself now :)


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        simple solution make a 24 hour rule.if you leave a fam you cannot join another for 24 hours.