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Continuation on Doms killing post.

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  • Continuation on Doms killing post.

    I think the game is healthier when there is more aspects to the game that are active and ideally there is a mixed agenda of goals vs a uniform singular goal. That becomes boring. As stated several times the killing when I first started and was short lived meant that you could as a player get killing turns as an individual player and the family also got the same killing points accumulated which meant a killing family got more then a collecting family. ie the individual had to make a decision on how much to bank and how much to keep in terms of money.

    I disagree on the skill of the free player killing. It has become no more then a system where you have someone killing everyone going for free killing and then just sitting back and hoping your multi or fellow player doesnt get hit. It has become a joke, especially in the turbo for a long time.

    What have we got to lose if we make the game more dynamic. Surely the game isnt going to survive with this looting bot as a main strategy and only activity. If we had a boredom meter the needle is breaking through the red zone.

    Also do not end one of my picks for ambassador to this games posts. It is disrespectful.