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Potential change to in game killing?

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  • Potential change to in game killing?

    Image something like this:

    - limit/max travelling to once per hour (ie. if you travel to a city, you must wait until top of hour to travel again, and so on...)
    - increase bots loot by 4x regular amount
    - lower costs for OPs hits
    - regular range for hits (no change to current rules)
    - when a player travels to a city, they are attackable (even if they were previously maxed for the hour)
    - when a player travels back to their family’s home city, they are automatically maxed for the rest of that hour
    - the return of family killing ranks


    1st - 9k
    2nd - 6k
    3rd - 3k
    4th - 2k
    5th - 1k

    The limited travelling per hour would limit looters to a maximum 2 cities per hour, but the bots would have more loot on them. Lower OPs hit would allow more targeted killing, rather than just going for DUs/KP. The travelling limit also leaves killers vulnerable, as they can be attacked again Andy potentially killed, unless they have another player follow them and help keep them maxed when travelling, which would in turn require more effort, strategy and coordination to perform targeted hits.

    Something like this could be a way to lower the overall amount of killing in game, especially random hits, as killing would be much harder to do than it is currently. This, I hope, could justify a return in the family killer ranks.

    FYI- I don’t expect this ruleset to change my habit of getting zeroed at the start of round, right after I build ... lol

    That’s all I got. Cheers :)