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  • Family & Union Prizes

    Would it be viable to make family prizes more than union prizes?

    Currently, the largest prizes go to unions, with single family prizes always being less than the union prizes. I'm proposing a switch, that would look something like this ...


    1st - 50k
    2nd - 35k
    3rd - 30k
    4th - 25k
    5th - 20k


    1st - 30k
    2nd - 25k
    3rd - 20k
    4th - 15k
    5th - 10k

    Rationale: It's harder to rank as a single family than as a union.

    - less people to work with, meaning each player has to do more work on average than in unions
    - members of single fams can't max their own players, which makes banking harder
    - unions get to rank 2 players per tier, whereas single fams only get 1 player per tier

    The best groups of players in the game should be in single families, rather than unions. This would make the top families more exclusive (due to the 30 players limit). It's kind of weird that the top groups of players in the game (usually unions) can take on an unlimited number of members, when they're already on top -- with many of those players not getting a seat or ranked at EOR.

    Unions should be for smaller families, that need to work together in order to rank, because they're not producing enough individually to rank in the top 5 family ranks. If you have 50, 60, 70+ members working together, the prizes should be less. If you have less than 30 players working together, and you're generating the most cash in the entire game, you should be rewarded more for your efforts.

    A change like this wouldn't require any significant re-coding to the game play or rules - just the prizes awarded - but would result in a reshuffling of families & unions, which would definitely be interesting to both watch and participate in.

    Let me know what you think, and hopefully we can try this out in the near future (even if only for 1 round).